Our Team

Meet the team

We are a small group of people who are trying to carry out Tanya's wish to help other Cancer fighters here is a list of names and their main job within the charity, please note, more pictures will be uploaded soon:

Founders:  Iris Billing & Nikki Empel-Newman

Retail Manager: Leon Empel-Newman

St Austell Shop Managers: Nikki Empel-Newman 

Accounts:  Mike Fisher 

Shop Staff Members: Alec, Jan, Maddie, Ronnie


Adam Grindrod (Chairman), Kate Osbrink (Vice Chair), Ceri Barker-Burnside and Susan Winch.

Be a part of Tanya’s Courage Trust

If you feel you would like to help, please come and join us. We are always happy to welcome new members. We are a group of very busy people who would benefit from any help that is available.

If you would like to get involved in this very worthwhile charity or if you would like to hold an event or raise money for us then give us a call or send an email and say hello!

Here are some testimonials from our current volunteers

"Tanya's Courage Trust helped build my self confidence, I had been volunteering for one year and was offered part time employment with the charity. I believe TCT gave me the confidence to become employed".- Linda, St Austell
"I chose to volunteer for Tanya's Courage Trust because it's a small local charity, and I am passionate about their objectives. Since being here I have made lots of new friends. Being partially sighted hasn't hindered my opportunities as the charity has accomodated my needs. I love it here". - Carol, St Austell
"Volunteering has helped me get out the house, given me an incentive to do something worthwhile and put something back to the community. It builds on your skills which opens new doors for new opportunities". - Gemma, St Austell
"I started volunteering at Tanyas Courage Trust about 4 years ago, they are a brilliant charity supporting young people with cancer. When I first started I was so nervous but the whole team made me feel so welcome and at ease. I only started off as a 4 week course via the job centre, once I finished the course I went on to do a further 6 weeks and haven't left! I loved working in the shop, it's a great environment to work in and teaches you so much to do with working in a shop with customer service skills. Since having my daughter I now volunteer from home and help at events or the shop as and when I can". - Hannah, St Austell
"I like Tanya's Courage Trust as it's gained my confidence. It also means I can get a reference for future employment. This is a wonderful place to work, the managers and staff are so kind and caring. Volunteering at TCT has helped my depression and I love helping and sorting the donations". - Julie, St Austell
"I volunteer for TCT and absolutely love it, the staff are friendly and a good laugh and it's given me confidence. They are really easy to get on with. It's a great charity". - Jo, St Austell/Truro
"I enjoy working at the shop as I feel we have a sense of community here. I enjoy helping to get things done, it helps me grow with experience with the amazing help I get from Michelle and Kay". - Maisie, Penryn
"I've always supported Cancer Charity's, especially Children's, so ever since the shop opened I have been a regualr customer and recently had the opportunity to work with them". - Helen, Penryn
"All the staff are friendly and approachable which makes it a nice place to work. I myself love to do steaming, I love to see the clothes smart and ready for sale". - Carol, Penryn
"The reason I volunteered at Tanya's Courage Trust, I lost my Brother and Mother within twelve months of each other. Just trying to get my life back on track". - Mr Vivian John Oliver, Penryn
"I like working at the shop because it gets me out of the house and gives some structure to my week and helps young people with cancer too". - James, Penryn
"I volunteer to help support a good cause and knowing Michelle and what she went through, it's the least I can do to help which could go on to benefitting other people". - Lisa, Penryn
"Tanya's Courage Trust is close to my heart because I know a family years ago that lost their daughter through Cancer and the effect it had on the family. Michelle is a wonderful lady, very enthusiastic and encouraging, helpful and also prepared to do anything that she can to help you. I have done some mind calm workshops and the money was for Tanya's Courage Trust, but Michelle always helps to promote this and gives her time to help. I love the people in the shop and also Kay is lovely". - Margarehta, Penryn
"Volunteering for Tanya's Courage Trust has primarily given me the opportunity to feel that I am a functioning and contributing member of the community. After having suffered from Chronic Illness for several years, my confidence in my abilities and skills was at an all time low. Helping in the shop has begun to restore my sense of self-worth and self confidence. Time is the most valuable resource that any person can have. I am happy to contribute my time to such a worthy cause, not only because of the amazing things that the trust achieves, but also the opportunity to be part of such a caring and positive team is incredibly important to me". - Karen, Penryn
"I like to use my free time to try and do something productive and helpful, I chose TCT to volunteer my time towards because I've witnessed, not only the difficult and painful times that can arrise when a person is diagnosed with cancer, but also the strain on the loved ones involved. I also know that in a situation where parents and families have very little control, the fantastic work done by TCT can make a huge difference when it comes to support and resources to help. This is why I am proud to be doing a skydive on behalf of TCT". - Siobhan, Penryn.