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Helping brighten young lives

Tanya Billing, a courageous 17-year old, fought Adult Acute Myeloid Leukaemia with courage and determination. In the last 20 months of her short life, she expressed the wish to help others. Tanya's Courage Trust aims to do just that.

As a charity offering financial help and support to young people fighting Cancer aged 16 to 25 in Cornwall, we'll do our best to help you through the tough times.

If there's anything you and your family need, let us know. It could be a special day out, a nice meal, or perhaps some new games to ease the boredom.

We can also offer financial assistance if that's what's needed most

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how can you help us?

Donations Gratefully Received!

 Our shops are doing fantstically well, with thanks to all of our wonderful customers and donors, however, this means we are needing more stock. We are so very grateful for anyone wishing to donate to our charity for all of our shops. Please visit the Get In Touch Page to find the addresses of where you can bring donations. 


Fundraising Volunteers Needed!!

We are looking for some new volunteers to help out in our fundraising efforts, we have a very small team of people working to raise funds for the charity and would be so grateful for some extra help.

To find out more please call us on 01726 823103 or email

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Unfortunately we are having technical issues with our ‘Donate Now’ button on this website, the money you donate eventually gets refunded to you and we don’t actually receive the donation. If you are wishing to make a donation to us, we can give bank details or you can use PayPal, using the email address, or [...]17/05/17

Peace of Mind : Mind-Calm Workshop

Mind-Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that gives you ‘peace with mind’.Mind Calm workshops can teach you to access your inner state of calm, can help you to perform at your best, sleep better, and increase your creativity and confidence. Workshops are normally £10.00 per person but the very talented Margaretha Wiekens will be doing [...]15/02/17

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